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Blood Orange, Rosemary & Thyme

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Blood Orange, Rosemary & Thyme: Cleansing, calming and uplifting

With seven pure essential oils, this scent blend combines many of the botanicals found in gin. A combination of cleansing and uplifting citruses from Blood Orange and Bergamot and enriched by the calming, but also cleansing benefits packed into the Mediterranean herbs.

The scent in this candle starts out cleaner and zestier when unlit but the richer woody scents come through more when it burns making this a favourite in our household.


Blood orange: revitalising, eases anxiety and is a known mood lifter

Bay: grounding and good for calming the mind and concentration

Juniper berry: fresh & spicy, cleansing

Cedarwood: calming and grounding

Rosemary: concentration & memory support, antiviral

Basil: grounding, this oil is good for anti-anxiety and stress relief

Cedarwood: calming and grounding

Bergamot: calming and a lovely mood lifter



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