Natural soy wax candles, experiential classes and at-home kits

Welcome to our website. We hope you enjoy exploring our range of natural candles, home products, classes and kits. Please don't hesitate to say hi if we can help you at all.

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  • Essential Oils

    We source the highest quality of essential oils from around the world, and blend them at our studio in Scotland to create beautiful scents

  • Containers

    We work with suppliers around the United Kingdom to source our containers, ensuring the highest quality of materials

  • Soy wax

    Our soy wax is produced in Sweden from readily renewable resources, sustainable and certified free from GMO. Our wax is also Vegan and produces a clean, even and slow burn.

  • Blended and Poured by Hand

    Our Creative Director and founder, Alice, oversees the production process. We are committed to hand pouring each candle, ensuring the highest quality to match our ingredients.