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Scott's Apothecary

Hand and Body Lotion

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Our all-natural hand and body lotion is 100% chemical-free and scented with a high percentage of pure therapeutic grade essential oils.

This luxury lotion leaves your skin feeling super soft and hydrated.  With a choice of five scents we have one to match your favourite Scott’s scents!

Coming in a 500ml luxury glass bottle that can be re-used and re-used.

A little goes a long way. As this is an all natural product, you need to spend a little longer rubbing in the lotion as it is full of rich oils and butters that need to sink into the skin (lots of commercial lotions use chemicals you can’t pronounce that make the lotion sink in immediately)

Directions for use: Apply a generous amount to your skin to nourish and hydrate. Use daily for best results.

Lime & Bay: refresh & cleanse

Zesty, citrussy & fresh with a background of gentle wood. This scent is one of our best sellers and you can see why. Containing five pure essential oils, this lotion packs a citrussy punch and is for those that love the scent of fresh lime zest.

Mandarin & Neroli: calm, uplift and warming

Inspired by Italian summer gardens with essential oils found in the family of orange trees. With Orange blossom, or neroli, a beautiful sweet floral balancing scent, bergamot, or bitter orange and sweet uplifting mandarin peal, a real mood lifter.

Lavender & Basil: Relax, calm & relaxing

With five pure essential oils this is the perfect body lotion to fill you with a sense of calm. This a wonderful blend, with plenty of May Chang, the oil of tranquillity, lavender and basil. All wonderful oils for calming the mind. Soothing French lavender, gentle citrus from Italian lemon peel and slightly fresh herbal hint from powerful anti-anxiety basil means this is anything but your ordinary, sometimes powdery scent that you can get from lavender.

Eucalyptus & Lemon balm: fresh and refresh

Fresh, zingy and rejuvenating: a perfect post shower pick me up, awakening the body with these powerful cleansing and uplifting essential oils.

Blood Orange, Rosemary & Thyme: fresh and uplifing

A combination of cleansing and uplifting citruses from Blood Orange and Bergamot and enriched by the calming, but also cleansing benefits packed into the Mediterranean herbs. Deeply cleansing and calming, awakening all the senses.

Rose & Rose Geranium:  Balancing, calming and warming

Fresh, floral and warming, a gentle clean sweetness without being overpoweringly floral. All the oils in this blend are superb for female balance. 



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