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Scott's Apothecary

Make your own Natural Bath Bombs & Luxury Bath Salts

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Whereas many bath bombs you buy are full of ingredients you do not want near your skin, you can make your own beautiful bath bombs full of great ingredients in our easy to make kits.  OUr kits have all you need to make 6 natural bath fizzers plus a mineral packed luxury bath salts. 


It includes 6 little muffin moulds to make them in, (which are a lot easier to use than the spherical moulds you often get in a kit), but you could use any own silicone ice cube mould.) Get creative!

The kit has the base powders all pre weighed, essential oil, a glass amber jar of bath salts,  and instructions. This is a great starter kit for anyone who is to about make bath bombs for the first time.   You only need to provide water, a carrier oil, bowl, and gloves (if needed)

Suitable for most ages up to adult. Younger children will need adult supervision.

Vegan Friendly. They will not stain either you, your children, or the bath!

Contents; Bicarbonate of Soda, Citric Acid, Corn Flour, Epsom salts, essential oil, pipette, silicone muffin moulds, full instructions.



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