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Scott's Apothecary

Black Spruce, Wintergreen & Sage

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Black Spruce, Wintergreen & Sage: Fresh, zingy and camphorous

Infused with seven pure essential oils, this candle packs a 'vicks vapour rub' style punch.

Filled with camphorous, menthol containing herbs, this candle is for those who like strong cleansing scents that clear the sinuses. A strong scent both lit and unlit, it will infuse the room with its cleansing properties and overpour any other odours.

The softer base layer of woods from the spruce, cypress and pine add depth and calm to this scent.


Lavender: calms the mind, promotes healthy sleep habits

Black Spruce: fresh & spicy, cleansing

Wintergreen: soothes sore muscles, menthol, cleansing

Sage: cleansing, rejuvenating

Cedarwood: calming and grounding

Rosemary: concentration & memory support, antiviral

Bergamot: calming and a lovely mood lifter



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