Make your own luxury aromatherapy candles at home with all the kit plus a bonus body or face oil and mini therapeutic roll on perfume thrown in for extra lovely smells! 


In this kit you will get to make two aromatherapy natural soy wax candles plus a little therapeutic roller ball perfume using high quality essential oils, and a bonus body, face or bath oil. So you have extra to keep smelling those lovely scents when you leave the house, or givepart of your creations to someone you love.


No synthetic fragrances, no toxic wax, just pure eco soy wax and essential botanical oils to calm, de-stress and relax.


We have four kits to choose from:


Kit 1: Calm, Uplifting thoughts. Bright, cheerful citrus combined with gentle florals.

Contains: mandarin, bergamot, grapefruit, pettigrain & orange blossom essential oils


Kit 2: Relaxing oils to calm anxious thoughts & promote sleep. This has a lovely fresh, spring scent - citrussy but added woody richness.

Contains: lavender, may cheung, lemon, basil, bay and sandalwood


Kit 3: Promoting deep breathing & calm with rich woody oils.

Contains: sandalwood, cedar wood, frankincense, patchouli and scotch pine


Kit 4: Gentle floral oils to promote balance, to relax & calm

Contains: rose, rose geranium, roman chamomile, jasmine, rosewood and bergamot


Please specify which kit you would like at checkout, also specify if you have any allergies and I will adjust the kits accordingly.


The kit includes all the materials to make 2 glass aromatherapy candles (one medium & one travel) plus a 10ml mini therapeutic oil perfume.


- 2 x glass candle containers & lids

-1 x stainless steel jug to melt wax

-100% eco soy wax for two candles

-1 x bottle of essential oil blend of your choice

-2 x wooden clothes pegs

-2 x wicks

-1 x measuring pipette

- 1 x stirrer

- 2 x candle stickers

-1 x 10ml roller ballI containing cold pressed almond oil & organic vitamin E

-1 x booklet with instructions.