The Emotional Stress Kit: essential oil blends

There are thousands of different degrees of emotional stress, not to mention the physical stress we accrue each day from the environment around us.

Stress can be split into many categories and can affect people very differently. From a physiological point of view our body needs some stress, however not the constant barrage of physical and emotional stress that modern life throws at us. This bombardment from all angles can be incredibly overwhelming and result in various physical symptoms over time.

It is vital to speak to someone if you are feeling overwhelmed by your emotions and you need help and support. Help is out there and talking about things can be incredibly helpful.

I have found through clinical work that people perceive their stress as something they are not coping with, that it is their inability that has led them here, however what I see is that stress is the outcome of someone having to deal with more than should be expected of anyone.

While it is important to get to the heart of what is causing the stress and dealing with it, there are some stresses we cannot avoid, and I have found essential oils an incredibly helpful tool to use when I am feeling overwhelmed, tired or emotional. These practices might not work for everyone, and it is important you individualise them to what works for you, please also check if you are pregnant, take any medication or have any skin sensitivities as essential oils are strong and some cannot be used in certain scenarios.

Essential oils

Many essential oils have been used for centuries to calm and relax and are regularly used by aromatherapists as part of their emotional relief treatments.

Here are some of my favourite and can be used in isolation, or together:

· Bergamot

· Lavender

· Clary Sage

· Chamomile roman

· Sandalwood

· Mandarin

· Orange, sweet

· Frankincense

· Cedarwood atlas

· Vetiver

You can use these in a diffuser, made into a massage oil or roller ball by diluting them into a carrier oil such as almond or grapeseed oil. Massage oil onto pulse points such as wrists or temples, or onto the soles of your feet.

Recipe one: general fatigue, irritability, low mood

Orange, sweet 10 drops

Bergamot 10 drops

Lavender 5 drops

Recipe two: feelings of anxiety or depression, persistent infection or colds

Lavender 5 drops

Clary Sage 5 drops

Chamomile roman 7 drops

Sandalwood 7 drops

Female stress

Here are a few recipes for women generally feeling overwhelmed by the amount they need to get through each day.

If for example you associate lavender with sleep, using this oil is not going to get your through your to do list! Sensory memory is something you have to think about and using relaxing oils is fine just before bed, but not what you need when you have a meeting to plan and kids to get to school. Try using the more uplifting citrus oils that also support energy such as lemon or eucalyptus lemon

Uplifting day time stress blend

Lemon 5 drops

Grapefruit 10 drops

Bergamot 5 drops

Geranium 5 drops

Mood swings

Moodiness is not just for teenagers and premenstrual days, it can be bought on by events outside of our control or by life in general.

Essential oils to be used when feeling low and moody or having swings in mood

· Lemon

· Geranium

· Eucalyptus Lemon

· Neroli

· Lavender

· Ylang Ylang

· Patchouli

· Sandalwood

Mood blend

Lemon 5 drops

Eucalyptus Lemon 5 drops

Neroli 5 drops

Lavender 2 drops

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