Cleansing & Make up remover DIY’s the natural way

There are lots of routines people swear by to cleanse their face at the end of a day.

Do you cream cleanse, tone and then mouisturise, with lots of masks, exfoliaters and other bits and bobs thrown in for good measure? Or, are you more, get a face wipe and dash?

I have simplified my routine a lot since making my own products. Not only due to laziness, but also because I am finding the few things I do use, do the trick. But everyone has different skin, so you may need to play about a bit to get your ideal combination.

I have pretty normal skin erring on dry. A few break outs at certain times of the month and now going into colder weather its definitely a bit dryer.


My routine:

Daily: Make- up remover/ all round cleanser using a reusable cotton pad followed by oil moisturiser (recipe below).


mask: a clay diluted in a little water, or raw honey slathered on for 15 minutes then removed with a warm cloth.

exfoliate: mix a good pinch of caster sugar with teaspoon of almond or olive oil, gently massage on skin and gently wipe off with a washcloth rinsed in hot water.

Natural make-up remover recipe

Fills a 100ml pump bottle


2 tbsp witch hazel

2 tbsp oil e.g. almond or jojoba oil

1 tbsp aloe vera (gel or liquid)


Add all ingredients to your container / dispenser & shake well before using.

Oil Cleansing

You can try cleansing with just oil, and it works for any skin type. Lovely oils for this include olive oil, safflower, avocado or castor oil. I like using a ratio of ¾ olive oil to ¼ castor or almond oil. Simply take a pea sized amount and massage over a wet face for a minute, soak a clean washcloth in hot water and place over your face. Allow to sit on your face for a minute while you take some deap breaths, then wipe off the excess oil with the cloth. Simple.

DIY Makeup Remover Wipes

Conventional makeup removing wipes pose problems not just for the environment, but also for our skin. They contain chemical preservatives and other hormone disrupting, unnatural ingredients. Making your own makeup remover wipes is easy.

DIY makeup remover wipes

  • a jam jar with a tight-fitting lid

  • cotton rounds (more on this below)

  • 1 tablespoon aloe vera

  • 3 teaspoon witch hazel

  • 1 tsp liquid castile soap

  • 1 tsp of your favourite skin-cleansing oil (almond, castor, jojoba)

  • 4-5 drops skin soothing essential oil (lavender or palmarosa or chamomile) optional

  • optional: 1 tsp vitamin E oil

To make:

1. Combine everything but the cotton rounds in the jar and shake well.

2. Stack the cotton rounds in the jar, then gently shake it to coat them with the mixture.

3. Use a cotton round to wipe your makeup off anytime you need a quick DIY makeup remover. The cleansing wipes are great for traveling!

Making your own cotton reusable pads

This is easier if you have a sewing machine, but just as easy to make hand stitching.

I like to use odd socks that have lost their mate in the wash or sport socks that have stretched a bit. Or just plain cotton, anything without a pattern.

Simply cut two rounds of the same material together. Using pinking shears will reduce freying, but not necessary as after a few washes the edges will tighten up. Sew around the edges of your material rounds (I Used a zig zag stitch to make stronger) and voila. Simple as that.

Simply put in a delicates wash bag and put through the wash when they are dirty and reuse as often as you like!

So there you go, my cleansing routine.

Let me know if you try any of these out and how you get on.

Alice x

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